Moyou Moyou

Beautiful high quality nail art, nail stamping and nail decorations
from leading nail company MoYou nails.
Easy to use and long lasting nail designs every time.

it's About

MoYou is a brand of nail products that belongs to OMG Marketing LTD The company, based in London, was founded in March 2009. In the nail art field there is a sub category of nail art and stamping nail art. MoYou concentrates on the stamping nail art part and keep on making new and exciting designs every month. MoYou was launched in Lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock on September 2009 and was a huge success. A month after, our second point of sale was opened in Bluewater shopping centre and by November 2009, Moyou was sold in 5 different point of sales in England.

In 2010, MoYou started spreading into shops and department stores.
The first chain store was the Fenwick Group -which was a huge success- and by October 2010, MoYou was available in most of the branches across the UK. In August 2010, we started selling MoYou in Hamleys’ main store in Regent Street, London. It came to no surprise that Hamleys turned to be an even bigger success and soon introduced MoYou at all 4 Hamleys branches in the UK.

In 2010, OMG Marketing and MoYou Nails decided to move in to the European market. In 6 months only, MoYou was retailing in most of the countries in Europe such as: Italy, France, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Cyprus and many more. Over the last two years, we focused on the market outside Europe and our distribution network became bigger, covering over 30 countries stocking MoYou nail products and accessories. We are aiming to grow slowly in the next 3 years to ensure our products in the market will be second to none without any competitors around.

Our Customer Services team is there to make sure that our traders and customers can enjoy the products we offer, from purchasing to use to buying additional products.

The stamping nail art field is very unique and based on returning customers who love their nails and everything about them. With 3 easy steps you can design your nails in no time by picking up a design from the plate and duplicating it on your nails with a rubber stamp. The process is not only quick, but also easy to be used with and on both hands. You can combine the designs with nail rhinestones and nail glitters or any other nail accessories. MoYou can be used on any surface (such as sunglasses, notebooks, wood or any other kind of material) and can be applied on false nails, gels, acrylic nails etc.

MoYou has a wide range of professional nail products, alongside the very successful children’s range. With 10 different sets and over 1000 designs, one can easily find the MoYou that suits them best. MoYou Nails covers all accessories and nail-related products, such as: nail glitters, rhinestones, nail tools, nail stickers, magnetic nail varnishes and high-quality nail polishes.




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